Kelly Headshot

Meet Kelly: Marketing Manager

A brand should represent their core values in all aspects of an organization. Promoting organizational values is made simple when they're found in everything you do. Kelly strives to help clients talk the talk and walk the walk through strong values.

Kelly Lyon is a Vermont native and recent graduate from Quinnipiac University. She enjoys spending time on the green mountains, tending to her houseplants, and cuddling her dogs. During her studies in public relations, she found a passion for bringing her creative and analytical sides together in campaign creation.

Strategic, creative, and thoughtful, Kelly enjoys creating a holistic brand experience. She believes an organization should represent their core values from the inside out. Kelly loves sharing the important work that clients are doing through promotional content to build on their mission.

With a background working for and with nonprofit organizations, Kelly is driven by serving the community. She has found that the best motivator is working for a cause that is important to her.

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