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Our Website Design + Development Process

Every website goes through a specific procedure to ensure quality, accuracy, and usability and address our clients’ pain points. Working with LONDONmiddlebury is a collaboration  where you are consulted and involved throughout the process. 

What is the process from a website build or redesign?

What is the process from a website build or redesign?

Phase 1: Discovery, Strategy, + Planning.

Your website must accurately convey your business’ services and products as well as your missions and goals. This first phase is essential for our team to become seasoned in your field. We use several tactics:

Creating a site-map. 
Analyzing the current state of your website, necessary content, and the visitor journey.

Conducting interviews with your team members.
Understanding your team’s priorities and finding the voice and tone of the company.

Performing competitor website analysis.
Assess how your site will compare to competitors’ and how others in your field already do it.

Engaging in primary research.
Understand your business’ stakeholders and your target audience to inform the later steps in the process.

This initial phase familiarizes LONDONmiddlebury with your company to set up the following stages. 

Phase 2: Content Aggregation + Generation

You may have great content on your existing site, but we’re here to bring it to the next level. Adopting your industry terminology and your business’ voice and tone kickstarts the transformation of your content and creating brand-new copy to fit into your website. All information important to you will appear on the site; you’ll always have a say in how your website meets your goals. Based on our competitor analysis and trend research, we will also guide you on the content and information we think will be valuable to your site visitors.


Phase 3: Design

Place your website in the hands of people with an eye for design. Anyone can build a website with today’s resources, but not everyone can do it well. We use website design and development best practices to make the most of every piece of content on your site. We will refine your existing brand standards to ensure your content follows a consistent design, improving website professionalism and polish. In this stage, we also consider user experience of the site to confirm the designed layout makes sense. This step is crucial to represent your business through imagery and content on your site, establishing brand identity and recognition.


Phase 4: Development.

If design and content creation are the foundation of your website, development is the wallpaper and flooring. Here, we finalize our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. We incorporate keywords into your page titles, headers, URLs, and alt text for images. 

We transfer your domain from your current site so you don’t lose your custom URL and set up  301 redirects so you don’t lose your Google ranking. Managing your domain transfer allows us to troubleshoot any roadblocks that may happen during the transfer.

We intend for your website to be ready-to-use when we hand it off to you, so we incorporate any external apps or functions during this stage. This includes anything from dynamic databases to booking and online ordering abilities.

Where is the place you most commonly access the internet? For 92.3 percent of people, they use their mobile devices. A mobile version of your website is necessary for easy usability on smartphones and tablets. This way, you don’t lose users to a bad experience.

This phase is where the pieces are put together, preparing for launch.

Phase 5: Launch.

Your website is done! All of the major aspects of your website are complete, but we continue to monitor site traffic. Based on the information we learn from your users, we can add or remove pages and content as necessary.

We guarantee your website is moving smoothly and problem-solve if any mistakes or missing features come up.

Phase 6: Training + Ongoing Service

We won’t leave you high and dry when the website is finished. We create websites that are easy to edit, training your website management team and providing a manual to reference for future use. This empowers you and your employees to make changes on your own, establishing self-sufficiency and confidence.

You also have the option during this phase to retain LONDONmiddlebury as an external part of your team to manage content on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Looking to build a new website or redesign your current one? Get in touch with our team to see how we can create the website of your dreams.