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Are you working to boost website traffic? Or generate leads? Maybe you want to grow your business contacts or increase brand awareness. No matter what you want to accomplish, a solid email marketing strategy will help. At LONDONmiddlebury, we work with you to identify the overarching goals for your emails. Email marketing improves your business’ credibility and helps you keep in touch with your audience. Our email marketing services include:

Newsletters + Digests



Sequences + Automations



The moving parts of an email marketing strategy.

A strong email marketing strategy is more than just creating and sending. Managing content creation, analytics, the strategy itself, and technical platforms are just a few ways we stay on top of email.

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Content Creation

Designing email layouts is only the first step. In the content creation process, we also:

- Write the body, subjects, and preview text
- Produce content to include
- Create and curate images and graphics
- Edit text and graphics

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Each email is a chance to learn more about your audience. What types of subject lines are most compelling? What types of content do they most frequently click? We consistently measure performance and analyze data to better speak to and engage with your audience. This includes:

- Monitoring campaigns
- Visualizing data
- Developing performance reports
- Analyzing results

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Email marketing strategy is ever-evolving with the introduction of new design elements and shifting of audience preferences and tendencies. We make adjustments in congruence with how different emails perform with your unique audience, while keeping your goals in mind. Our strategic recommendations derive from:

- Market analysis
- Road mapping
- Campaign analysis
- Audience analysis

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Technical Platforms

Managing emails comes with the need for expertise surrounding technical platforms. Our team is well-versed in several email marketing platforms, so we can make informed decisions about which one will be the best for your business or organization. Our technical management includes:

- Vendor selection
- Vendor implementation and management
- Data integration

Let's find the right fit for your business.

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Email marketing looks different for each of our clients. We research your industry and audience, and implement best practices for email content and frequency. We use this information and conversations with clients to develop a strategy around your goals and determine which email platform would work best for you.


Tactics driven by data.

Email performance is unique to your business, industry, and contact database. While we base our email marketing strategies and tactics on best practices and industry standards, the most valuable information comes from analysis of your email campaign performance. This propels an iterative approach to email marketing, adjusting the content, design, timing, and language based on how recipients interact with your emails.

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Digging for gold: uncovering hidden gems with email marketing.

An AI-enabled technology company’s trial users weren’t converting into subscribers. They needed to touch base with users during their trials to provide support and keep the trial top of mind without spending valuable hours individually emailing each trial user. So, we automated the process with a complex workflow that communicates with users throughout their trial, completely hands-free. →

Kickstart your email marketing to:

Increase Leads

Boost Sales

Enhance Brand Awareness

Drive Website Traffic

Solidify Online Presence

Build Stronger Relationships

Reach the Right People at the Right Time

Develop an email marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind with your audience.