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Our subject matter experts make us experts.

You are an expert in your respective field, so you are our first point of contact when it comes to research. We “download” information from our clients, absorbing the subject matter and point of view specific to your business and industry. In addition, we perform deep dives into your current website, past marketing content, internal documents, and more. This allows our team to understand what your business cares about most.

Your online presence provides us with your brand’s voice and tone, even if yours has room for improvement. Your brand’s voice and tone is essential. If you don’t have one or want to develop yours, we tweak it to better suit your business and its messaging.

All this is to say: we put in the work to best understand the content you need, digest the information ourselves, and determine the point of view on a subject matter for your business.

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How “Thinking” + “Doing” delivers better content.

You know your company best, so we hear from you about what marketing goals and audiences you want to address. We consider your expertise and source material to develop a content strategy tailored to your company. As the experts, we examine your ideas and add a new level of thinking to increase the effectiveness of your proposed content.

We are Thinkers + Doers, meaning that before we do the work, we consider all possible angles and explore different routes for the content to take. This helps us make better content that fits the voice and tone of your business and matches the mediums where the content will be distributed.

In addition to content creation, we consider where it will be distributed, what channels fit best, and who will read it.

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How your content fits into your industry.

It’s always best to back up primary research with secondary sources. We study articles, resources from subscription libraries, industry journals, and client-provided resources to back up the point of view of a specific subject matter.

We also perform competitor analysis. What do your competitors have to say about a similar topic? Have they addressed any points that we didn’t think of? What channels did your competitors use for a similar piece of content? Understanding your position against your competitors is important as well as providing different perspectives and information they don’t have.

We are platform agnostic.

We always work in our client’s preferred programs. The platform that works best for your team is the one that works best for us.

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Revise, revise, revise… and publish. We don’t stop after one round of editing; we are on board to make as many changes as needed until you feel that we represent your business best. Our revision process starts within our team, utilizing living documents and track changes to create a polished product before passing it to our client for review. Once our client reviews the copy, we take it back to our team to make improvements. 

Once the copy is at its best, it’s time to publish in your desired format. Many clients utilize our graphic design services to bring their content to the next level. Polish your reports, case studies, white papers, and more by incorporating expert design.

Our copywriting services include:

Case Studies

White Papers

Website Copy

Press Releases

Blog Articles

Value Exchanges

Thought Leadership Articles

Print Collateral

Brand Messaging

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