A Collaborative Connection

Starting with just two agents and an outdated website, Vermont Real Estate Company knew they needed a plan to take their agency to the next level. In 2017, we connected with this startup brokerage to create a marketing ecosystem that enabled them to connect with their target audience, establish their presence as leaders in the real estate industry, and generate new business. 

We ran a series of brand workshops with Vermont Real Estate Company to identify their target audience, define the geographic areas they wanted to target, create a mission statement, and understand their goals as a company. How did they want their presence to serve the real estate industry? Through these workshops, we developed a voice and tone that complimented the new website and created the recognition Vermont Real Estate Company was looking for. 


Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Email Marketing 

Digital Advertising Graphic Design Web Design + Development

Web Management



Blog Writing

Brand Management

Brand Identity



2017 - present

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Four years later, the collaborative relationship between LONDONmiddlebury and Vermont Real Estate Company enabled the brokerage to grow exponentially. From just two agents in 2017 to 20 today, Vermont Real Estate Company is one of the leading independent brokerages in Vermont, serving clients from the Derby Line up north, all the way down to Woodstock and Manchester down south.


Today, LONDONmiddlebury manages all things marketing from website design and digital advertising to graphic design and social media. We leverage multiple channels to reinforce marketing efforts including email campaigns, print and digital advertising, social media - even bus ads. Our close partnership allows us to think big picture strategy while executing the day-to-day tactics.

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Establishing a Marketing Ecosystem

VTRECO invested when they knew it mattered, and it paid off. They allocated resources and leaned on us to develop and execute a marketing strategy that not only improved lead generation and brand awareness,, but cultivated a digital marketing ecosystem that  connects clients with the resources they need. Regular meetings, open communication, trust in our expertise, and our vision all allowed our marketing ecosystem to connect the marketing dots, leverage existing content, and create new content in order to get the message out and drive results that are reflected in the company’s growth.