Helping Rock Point Discover and Develop a Community Engagement Strategy

LONDONmiddlebury offers a variety of creative services, including website design, digital advertising, marketing strategy, and content development. We also offer a myriad of services that aren't quite as tangible. We love these projects because they let us explore the bigger picture and uncover our clients' simple truth. Enter the LONDONmiddlebury Brand Discovery program.

We were recently hired by the Episcopal Church in Vermont to help launch a rebranding campaign for Rock Point, a welcoming sanctuary in the heart of Burlington, VT. Through a series of interviews, workshops, and research, we were able to create a number of deliverables that will provide direction for Rock Point's future efforts. These resources included a market analysis and market snapshot, a new mission statement, a branding SWOT, and aesthetic recommendations.

Thanks to the Episcopal Church in Vermont, you can read more about our collaboration with Rock Point here. They are a great team to work with and we are excited about their direction! A special thank you to Maurice Harris and Craig Smith for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful community.

“LONDONmiddlebury did a splendid job of demonstrating how we might reinvent the Rock Point brand without impeding the autonomy of Rock Point School, Rock Point Camps, and the like."

- Rev. Craig Smith, Rock Point Director of Operations and Program

The Brand Discovery program is a part of a larger offering from LONDONmiddlebury, the Brand Identity Kit. Along with the Brand Discovery, this includes an audit of your current brand and all branding essentials needed to launch or re-brand your organization. From your logo and color palette to your value proposition and brand standards, we work to ensure your internal values align with your external image.

To learn more about LONDONmiddlebury's offerings beyond the tangible feel free to email

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