Websites Don't Have To Be Expensive

November 21, 2016

You’ve certainly heard “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but if you’re at all like me, you’ve definitely bought books (or put a few back on the shelves) solely based on the cover- am I right?  Well if I’ve done it a few times, and you’ve done it once or twice, we can safely assume that a couple-few potential clients have done the same to your business...based on your website.


Websites are often the first point of contact your company or organization has with future customers/donors/advocates.  Unfortunately, a poorly-designed or outdated website will often lead to consumers not giving your company a fair chance.  On the flip side, a strong landing page and enhanced user experience throughout your site will leave an impression of professionalism, relevance, and quality.


“Okay, so I get that a great website is important, but can I afford the investment?”

“Well yes, fellow business owner, you can!”  Because websites don’t have to be expensive.


WebPageFX has a great website cost calculator that gives a good estimate within market standards.  You can see that the most basic website - with fewer than 10 pages, moderate stylization, SEO integration, and copywriting - is quoted from $12,000-$19,000.  Of course, you will always be able to find much higher price tags, but as more and more web development platforms pop up on the web, the $30K-$80K quotes are becoming less and less.


However, intuitive web-building sites like Wix, Squarespace, and


allow you to create sites for free and then pay a nominal fee ($50-250/year) for your website to be hosted on their platforms.  All three offer hundreds of templates to choose from and if you feel you’re a bit design savvy, Wix allows for complete customization with it’s “drag and drop” interface.  


Don’t have the time or confidence to develop a budget-conscious site yourself?  That’s what LONDONmiddlebury does best!  We will work with you to develop a custom website within your budget ($3000-$15000) with a streamlined sitemap once we have had our initial discovery meetings.  Once the design, development, and launch phases are complete, your company/organization will have an SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly, strong, functional, and beautiful website to show the world (literally!) and be the “cover” that makes your “book” a bestseller!


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