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MMR LIVE is a unique experience design company that enhances customer experiences. LIVE dives deep into the gaps where customer satisfaction falls short and executes qualitative research to assist organizations in closing those gap. From restaurants to resorts and financial institutions to global shipping companies and beyond, LIVE’s team immerses themselves in the companies they work with to understand how people interact with the business and its products.


Marketing Strategy

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Email Marketing 

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2018 - present

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So how do you find a voice that speaks to such a diverse client base? That’s where we come in. 


Our relationship with MMR LIVE began through our previously established connection with their parent company, MMR Research Associates. After an initial discovery meeting with LIVE, we were brought on to execute website design upgrades to align their existing content with new company design visual standards. 


What started in 2018 with a website that needed new life has since evolved into a collaborative partnership. Soon we began to support with communications, strategy, copywriting, and social media management,  LIVE to focus on what they do best while we connected the audience with everything LIVE has to offer. The relationship with LIVE is built on trust, respect, and a “no bad ideas” policy, paving the way for fresh insight, innovative thinking, and out-of-the-box brainstorming. 

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Good is Invisible

“Good is invisible” is something MMR LIVE preaches when working with their clients, and we couldn’t agree more. LONDONmiddlebury is the invisible behind-the-scenes force that elevates the companies we work with to their highest potential. We help make your good things great and get it into the hands of the people who need it most, or who never knew they needed it at all. We are inspired by the nimble team at LIVE who shift and pivot between spaces and specialties. We pivot with them to create blog posts, strategic email campaigns, engaging social media content, and fresh website designs that tell their story and secure connections with potential clients.  

"The LONDONmiddlebury team is a dream to work with. They take the time to truly understand your business and brand goals first. They also understand that pivots happen, and take a long-term mindset to brand partnerships. We've enjoyed iterating with them over the course of our project and couldn't be more pleased with the end results

- Tricia Houston, MMR LIVE Experience Design