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Meet Ashley and Learn About Her Passion for Unlocking the Keys to Growth

Ashley is an inspiring, driven, hard worker who is truly passionate about unlocking the world; unlocking codes, unlocking successful strategies, and unlocking the keys to growth. It’s in this thirst for problem-solving and genuine curiosity that LONDONmiddlebury was born.

Ashley founded LONDONmiddlebury with Phil Schuman in 2014, while working with the Vermont Council in World Affairs, and recognizing that she could apply many of the strategies and principles used to market Vermont to non-profits, small businesses, and enterprises alike. Ashley is currently a Partner and Brand Manager at LONDONmiddlebury and leads the creative charge in web and graphic design, alongside supporting the team in brand strategy, communications, and copywriting.

A true testament to her passion for marketing and branding is that 7+ years later, she still has those out-of-body moments when she says to herself, “wow, I’m really doing this!” However, perhaps the biggest one to date was when she flew to Nairobi, Kenya with her life/business partner, Matt Haefele, to work in person with The Maa Trust (hyperlink maa trust to the case study) and later climb to the top of Kilimanjaro.

[Insert dramatic pause]

Ashley is driven by finding systems that work– both externally for our clients and internally for our team. Early in her career, she learned that the key to designing a successful system is to start with a creative bout of brilliance. She is aware that perfection can govern the designing process and truly believes that “if you wait for perfection, stuff doesn’t get done.”

Above all else, Ashley is a Vermonter who has a deep love for Watermelons (her birthday is even on National Watermelon Day). She grew up just outside of Middlebury, Vermont, with parents who owned a small business in town and instilled in her at a young age the importance of community, connection, and hard work. That same philosophy has grown to be the core value at LONDONmiddlebury.

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