Passion + hardwork

= success

When you blend passion and hardwork, great things happen.

A dedicated team determined to make great things happen.

The LONDONmiddlebury team is a dream to work with. They take the time to truly understand your business and brand goals first. They also understand that pivots happen, and take a long-term mindset to brand partnerships. We've enjoyed iterating with them over the course of our project and couldn't be more pleased with the results!

- MMR LIVE Experience Design

Founded on the premise that things can be better.

LONDONmiddlebury is a Vermont-based brand management company founded in 2014 by Ashley Sandy and Phil Schuman. Phil, an ex-pat from London, England, and Ashley, who grew up in and around Middlebury, Vermont, christened the company with a name that recognized the places that shaped their lives. Initially, we set out to focus on strategy and project management - sourcing development and execution to sub-contractors. 


After a short period, we grew frustrated with delayed timelines, diluted messaging, and inflated budgets. We started developing and executing in-house. Today, we design and develop brands - building websites, crafting messaging, and creating an identity, all while maintaining our original mission to provide strategy and project management. 


We take great pride in our ability to embed with our partner clients, leveraging their strengths, and complementing their weaknesses. We focus on actionable workshopping, transparency, and clear communication to ensure we stay on track and on deadline.


Partner, Brand Manager

Ashley Sandy


Partner, Brand Manager

Matt Haefele


Marketing Associate

Annie Coleman

IMG_2386 Large-1-1.jpeg

Marketing Associate

Cooper Eastridge


Graphic Designer

Annamarie Gavin


Marketing Associate

Kelly Lyon

Firmly aligning our organizational culture with our core values.

We have a no bad ideas mentality. 

We swing from the ceiling.

We collaborate.

We train.

We educate.

We empower.

At LONDONmiddlebury we believe that good ideas come from everywhere and everyone.

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Client List


Vermont Real Estate Company

MMR Research

MMR LIVE Experience Design

Westwood International

Aegis Renewable Energy

New Vista Design

Amenity Services

St. Albans Glass Company

Vermont Integrative MD

White + Burke Real Estate Investment Advisors
The Body Lab VT
SeaBrass Productions
Maverick Pipe
Burlington Outdoors
Robotic Workforce Augmentation

five(9)s GmbH

Play Dog Play

Burlington Segways
Beth Vendryes Williams
Solbrite Candles
Hatch Law & Consulting
Associated Lighting Representatives
Happy Bird Poultry Farm
National Deaf Therapy


Somerset West Community Health Centre
The Maa Trust
Special Olympics Vermont
Inclusive Arts Vermont

Rock Point | Episcopal Church in VT
City of Saint Albans
Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
Rotman Real Estate Association

Town of Dorchester, NH
Youth and Family Counseling of Oyster Bay
Vermont Insurance Agents Association